Warhol made it popular, but we have perfected it! We get our hands dirty so you can look crisp and clean!

In the simplest of terms – Screen-printing is an intricate process that involves preparing a mesh screen, burning an image into the screen, loading it with ink, and squeezing the ink through mesh openings in the screen and onto the garment. Once the image is produced, the garment goes through a dryer to allow the ink to cure. Every color requires a separate screen. Multi-color jobs require the expertise of aligning the screens perfectly to create the image, or in our case, a work of art.

  • Printing from 1-color to 8, the garments are our canvas. We love to see our work showcased around the community!
  • Left-chest, mid-print, sleeve, neck tag, or large print; our screen-prints will showcase YOUR art!
  • We love what we do – making YOUR company, YOUR team, or just YOU, look amazing!

MINIMUM ORDER: 12 pieces

We can Screen-Print the following items:

  • Tees, Tanks & Crops
  • Long Sleeve, Pocket-Tees, & Thermals
  • Crewnecks & Hoodies
  • Polos
  • Jackets (dependent on fabric)
  • Premium DriFits
  • Jerseys
  • Towels & Bags